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We focus on two product lines for the Food Protection market. One is a polyamide (Nylon) polymer which has a far superior gas barrier property to the conventional polyamides. Polyamide MXD-6 ("MXD6") or “MX Nylon” is the leading product. MXD6 features an excellent barrier to gases harmful to food and beverages. Thanks to its good heat stability and trouble free processing characteristics, MXD6 is often preferred to competitive barrier polymers and technologies. The other product line is oxygen scavenger. Ageless®, an iron based oxygen scavenger, has been widely used in the food packaging industry. It absorbs oxygen in a sealed container. By creating an oxygen-free environment, it prevents the growth of germs and molds, thus, extending the shelf-life of the packed food and keeping its freshness. Furthermore, our oxygen scavenging technologies also contribute to other industries outside the Food Protection. Pharmakeep™ was developed in order to extend the shelf-life of packed pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It absorbs oxygen as well as moisture in a sealed container.

Note: Do not use MGC's Oxygen Absorber products, such as Ageless® and RP System™, to preserve food or cultural assets against insects/mildew/mold in EU area, because such uses are not allowed by the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No 528/2012.


Nylon-MXD6 is one of the crystalline polyamide resins, which is produced through polycondensation of meta-xylylene diamine (MXDA) with adipic acid under MGC's proprietary technology. Nylon-MXD6 is a unique aliphatic polyamide resin which contains aromatic ring in the molecule. MXD6 features excellent barrier to gases harmful to food and beverages. Its good heat stability and trouble free processing characteristics make MXD6 preferred product over competitive barrier polymers and technologies.



"Iron absorbs oxygen when it rusts." "Prevent oxidation by eliminating oxygen."
Just by implementing a combination of such simple ideas, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical was able to develop AGELESS® the world's first free-oxygen absorbing agent.
The free-oxygen absorbing agent, AGELESS®, absorbs oxygen in a sealed container and creates a deoxidized environment, where the concentration of oxygen is 0.1% or lower. This way, it is possible to preserve foods by eliminating the ill effects of oxygen.
The free-oxygen absorbing agent AGELESS® preserves both the taste and freshness of food. This outstanding feature of AGELESS® also expands its application to pharmaceutical products, clothing, and cosmetics.



PharmaKeep can protect against oxidative degradation and extend the shelf life of pharmaceuticals. Oxygen and moisture in the packaging degrade pharmaceuticals. PharmaKeep can absorb oxygen and moisture together. Putting it in the packaging, it can keep in low oxygen and low humidity. PharmaKeep is the oxygen absorber exclusive for pharmaceutical and medical device.